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Two ASP 2013 Alumnae back in Munich

We are very happy to have Danica and Natalia back in Munich!


Two alumnae from the 2013 ASP have returned to Munich to continue their studies!

  • Natalia Kochanova is currently studying for a PhD at Quantitative Biosciences Munich, where she is working on the project "Proximity based biotinylation in Drosophila chromatin" in the lab of her former ASP supervisor, Prof. Axel Imhof.
  • Danica Bajic started a PhD position in the research centre at Klinikum rechts der Isar (Technical University Munich) in the group of Dr. Christoph Thöringer. Her research will primarily be concerned with the role of cannabinoid and vanilloid receptors in visceral pain modulation. As a side project, she will be researching the connection between intestinal stem cells and gut microbiota.

Fantastic work to them both, we are thrilled for the exciting research to come!